BAREP Progress Report

15 Oct 2015

The Blended Agroforestry Renewable Energy Project (BAREP) is in implementation phase and developments are underway. The site visit was conducted by the UNDP GEF SGP Barbados to follow-up the report. The National Coordinator and Programme Assistant toured the site and facilities and made recommendations for consideration.

The land degradation problems in the Scotland District result from geological and anthropogenic factors. The soil types in the Scotland District consist of soils derived from sandstones and Scotland clays. Heavy rainfall on the relatively high slopes increases the intensity of the surface runoff contributing to soil erosion. Therefore, removal and reduction of the natural vegetative cover for agriculture renders the topsoil more susceptible.

With this in mind, care has been taken to prevent the stripping of the entire vegetative cover during the land rehabilitation process. Shade houses have been built to ensure that selected varieties of planting materials can be propagated and supplied on a continuous basis.

Additionally, unsustainable land use practices such as excessive irrigation, the inappropriate use of fertilisers and pesticides generally contribute to land degradation. In some areas South of the farmland there are formations of erosional gullies and dried up water courses. The farmland use plan incorporates these major considerations along with other economic and human-work factors.

Another significant problem in the Scotland District is the lack of access to the potable water supply, agricultural irrigation and electricity grid. These constraints result in water scarcity and an over-reliance on fossil fuels for the generation of electricity. The project involves a water harvesting component which will supply irrigation system using solar electricity for pumping.

The main recommendation from the National Coordinator focused on the options for water storage. The BAREP Management Committee moves into the last quarter of 2015 with an aim on the targets of the plan, budget, schedule and objectives.

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